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Cheap Flights to Paris (PAR), France

The romantic capital of France, Paris is one of the biggest cities in Europe in terms of square area and number of inhabitants. Said to be one of the most beautiful cities crafted by Almighty & Human’s in concurrence, Paris is too good to be true. It is referred to as the ‘city of fashion’ owing to the vast number of global brands it is home to…

Also called to be ‘the city of light’ because of its historical association, this romantic city is based on the banks of River Seine. It is rightfully named so because it was one of the first European countries to voluntarily adopt gas street lighting. The role of Paris in the world history couldn’t be overlooked due to the fact of its leadership roles during the age of enlightenment.

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Things to do in Paris

Tourist Attractions

  • Travelers looking for perfect shots of the majestic Eiffel Tower, should rush to Place du Trocadéro
  • Architecture lovers can lose themselves in ancient sculptures of Panthéon & Palais Garnier
  • If you love the cosmopolitan fragrance of museums then make your way to the Musée Jacquemart-André or Foundation Louis Vuitton

Must-Try Cuisines

Meat lovers can savor some of the best delicacies, as French are known for their culinary skills while preparing duck meat in various ways. If you haven’t already, try out snails and end your meal with crepes. The ones who are daring enough to experiment with taste buds should order frog legs at least once. Do try out the classic steak by booking cheap flights to Paris, France.


Travelers keen to party with the youth of today should head out to pub district of Oberkampf, where numerous discs and clubs are studded together. If you want to dance the whole night without spending much, then join the lively crowd at Ménilmontant and Gambetta


You can witness at least one grand festival no matter at what time you visit. For example, the Carnaval De Paris is hosted at the beginning of every year or the Grand Christmas Celebration at the end of each year. You can taste the beauty of candlelight evenings from may till October (Best time to visit Paris)

Airports in Paris

When reaching Paris you’ll be spoiled for choice as you have a few airports which are situated in Paris

  • Paris Charles de Gaulle - The biggest international airport in France and is located about 25kms away from Paris. This one is the best choice for tourists as local transport is easily available
  • Paris Orly Airport - You can also opt this instead of the former since this is located only 13kms from Paris
  • Bordeaux Mérignac Airport - If you are coming from other destinations of Europe then you should buy cheap flights to Paris France of airlines serving this airport.

You can easily access these airports by rental cars or shuttle services. Passengers waiting for their flight at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport can kill their time by relaxing in a lounge, shopping from duty-free stores or enjoying a French meal.

Hotels in Paris

When in Paris one should extract the nectar from various architectures, sculptures and walk miles away in a boulevard. Once you are through exploring Paris, enjoy the goodness of taste via a French meal & dance till your feet ache. When looking forward to getting quality sleep as it is one of the most visited city of France, thousands of options are available to play with your mind. Read below before you browse through some of the best deals on a one-way flight to Paris:

  • Grands Boulevards - This premium hotel is apt for shopaholics as it is located in proximity to some of the best shopping streets of Paris
  • The Hoxton - For the ones who love to get tipsy, this place is renowned for its staying experience as well as signature cocktails
  • Pavillon Des Lettres - Ideal for the bookworms, one can make the best out of their staying experience by reading age-old French pieces of literature
  • L’Hotel - Famous poet Oscar Wilde stayed in this hotel and even mentioned it in one of his poems. This one with cozy interiors embezzled with golden and peacock blue is bound to give you a royal feeling. Enjoy drinks here by conversing with friendly bartenders.

Traveling Tips For Paris

  • Best time to enjoy most of Paris is around the months from April to June and October to early November. If you don’t mind the heat then you can even make yourself comfortable during the humid months of July & August. However if you are on a budget trip and thus want to buy non stop direct flights to Paris, then visit anytime from November to January. But since it is a budget-friendly option, crowd is expected to be quite dense.
  • The peak season to visit the French capital is from April-may and then from November-December. So you’ll see a higher footfall. Generally, in January the temperature falls to 7-degree Celcius, followed by February with 8 degree Celsius. However, during the tenure of June to August, the temperature may rise somewhere between 20-25 degree Celcius.
  • If your motive is to shop from the fashion city then one should make their way either during winter to summer sales. Summer sales extend from May to June whereas winter from January to February. You can find shoppers from all over the world, so the streets may be a bit chaotic. Reach there during the initial month of the sales, as stocks run empty at a lightning speed. The weather is unpredictable so you should always carry jacket options with you.

So make your dream of visiting Paris come true; buy cheap flights to Paris France from and enjoy the life of a Parisian

Airlines Which Fly To Paris

  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Air France
  • Norwegian Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Lufthansa Airlines
  • Korean Air