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Cheap Flights to Finland (FI), Europe


Europe is the huge continent with varieties of countries and each county has a unique and different feel. Finland is one such place that attracts many trip takers each year. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland, Gulf of Bothnia, Sweden, Norway and Russia, Finland acts as a famous tourist hot spot.

The country has stood as witness to many upheavals and wars for freedom which has left important marks on the landscape of Finland. The Finnish language is most prevalent here along with other languages such as English which is also well understood. Tourists can easily roam around the country with any language barrier. Finland has mountains, glaciers, islands, a large number of lakes, forests, many species of wildlife and a varied number of plants. Both the countryside and the urban areas are well developed. The countryside is quite spacious compared to the urban side. Finland will hold you spellbound with natural beauty and invite you to come for every holiday.

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Things to Do Finland

  • Tourist Attractions
  • The Santa Claus village is one of a kind and the only one in the world. The village is open on all days and you can get the feeling of Christmas once you set your foot in. Bring on your early Christmas with a visit to this fabulous village.
  • There are several sites declared as heritage by UNESCO. Few of them are cultural sites and one is a natural site. There is also a castle near Suomenlinna which is an interesting visit.
  • Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki Cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral, Turku Cathedral are few sacred as well as historical sites that have an aura and architecture which is both interesting and exciting.
  • You can ski in Koli and find scores of other adventurous things to explore in and around the lake Pielinen.
  • If you love visiting upscale areas with colorful and grand buildings then Katajanokka is the place for you to head towards too.
  • The country is full of forests and national Parks that give a peek meek into the biodiversity of Finland. Riisitunturi National Park, Lemmenjoki National Park, Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park, Pyha-Luosto National Park offer a multitude of activities and serene natural surroundings with waterfalls.
  • Museums and galleries are found in abundance spread all over the country. The National Museum of Finland holds all the secret keys to the very origins of the country and its diverse history.
  • Old castles and fortresses like Turku castle, Olavinlinna attract tourists with the massive structures and the whispering of past tales.
  • Take your kids out to the amusement parks or the Santa themed park to celebrate a day of joy and togetherness.
  • You can also go around exploring the areas open to the public and tourists in the Parliament House. Guides are also available to help you around on your tours.


  • Must try Cuisines

Finnish cuisines are famous all over the world. While traversing over the country of Finland immerse yourself in mouthfuls of tasty food like Karjalanpiirakka, Kalakkuko, grillimakkara, ruisleipa, korvapuusti, Mustikkapiirakka, rapu, etc. Reindeer meat dishes or more commonly referred to as poronkaristys is an exquisite dish that is a gastronomical delight if you are an adventurous foodie. The beverages are plentiful and you can choose you delicious sip of wine, beer or from shakes and juices to go with your food.  

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  • Nightlife

Spend some incredible night moments in Finland in an absolute Finnish way. The clubs and bars are open to all and locations are limitless. You can party as much as you like. Some of the famous clubs which are crowded all around the year with both natives and locals are The Tiger Club, House of Rock, Stairs to Heaven and many more. Head to Helsinki, Lappeenranta, Turku, Oulu, Tampere, Rovaniemi, Vaasa, Jyvaskyla, Joensuu, etc. Some of the clubs have an entrance fee, so check out the club rules is you do not want to shell out an entrance fee.

  • Festivals

Other than jam-packed festivals celebrating music, merry festivals like Midnight Sun Festival, Ilosaarirock, Flow festival, Pori Jazz, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving are celebrated by the Finnish population with much pomp.


Finland Airports

There are many airports in Finland. You can choose any international airport to fly to the country. All the airports are nicely equipped with facilities for passengers.

  • Helsinki Airport- The airport looks after the main flow of international travelers and is a huge airport serving flights to many destinations.
  • Oulu Airport- Mostly used by Finnish Airlines this is the second most busy airport in Finland looking after international tourist needs.


Finland Hotels

Looking for stay options within a certain budget can be quite hectic. Along with best airline deals on first-class flights to Finland also has cheap and safe hotels for you to book.

  • Arctic TreeHouse Hotel – In this hotel, you can experience the Arctic feel first-hand at reasonable tariffs with good services.
  • Hotel Kamp - Nearby to all the centers and market areas, this hotel with a good service is a nice choice.
  • Scandic Paasi - Good for solo, couple and family stays, this hotel has got all the facilities that one would look for.


Traveling Tips to Finland

The months of summer are hot while extremely cold and chilly winters are common. The best time to go to Finland if you want to visit during the winter months is from December to February. April to September has a good warm climate with short spells of rainfall.

  • Euro is the valid currency in Finland and accepted everywhere
  • Visiting the innumerable lakes is a must as every lake has a different pull towards it
  • While packing, you must make sure to carry both warm and cotton clothes depending upon the weather.
  • It is always safe to avoid friendly advances and using public transport is both safe and cheap.

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