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Cheap Flights To Montreal (YMQ), Quebec, Canada

Montreal, the city that is popular for being head over heels for festivals, delectable food, living on the edge, art, culture, and taking pleasure of life to the hilt. 

It holds a well-deserved reputation of an old-world city because of the traditional bistros, elegant boulevards, and century-old stone facades. This French-speaking metropolis is no historical artifact and that you will apprehend when you visit the city. You’ll come across cobbled lanes of beautifully designed buildings, internationally acclaimed cuisine, innovative and groundbreaking music from popular bands like The Dears and Arcade Fire.

It is a heartwarming amalgamation of cultures that merge the French, Chinese, Caribbean, and Italian. The beauty lies in what ties this all together, and that’s the locals of Montreal, who take absolute delight in embracing their dualisms. Book a discounted flight to Montreal today with to explore the suave and panache of this extraordinary Canadian metropolis.

Things to do in Montreal

Montreal is a life-size city, invigorating and demanding with a number of things to see and do. The more you tour through the city, the more you would like to indulge in the attractions. Be prepared to be surprised by the cultural scenes, buzzes, festivals, and design excellence that’ll be thrown at you. Here is bite-size information on a few attractions out of the big buffet of the places to push your hunger further along the way; 

-    Mount Royal- to kick-start your journey this is the best place, you can take a free of charge stroll through the mountains over the south bank and witness the serene views of downtown Montreal.

-    Notre-Dame Basilica: this religious place is one of its kinds, even if you don’t visit it for the purpose of faith, go see it for the strikingly beautiful chapel and the most ornate gothic facade it has on offer.

-    Biodome: going to this place is a strong recommendation to see the various Canadian ecosystems and to getting the opportunity to hang out with the most adorable animals, one of them being the penguins, great place to take the kids along.

-    Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: this museum offers a fascinating collection of Canadian history and show-stealing temporary exhibitions also take place here from popular artists like Rodin, Warhol, Gaultier, Chihuly etc.

-    Au Sommet: the second largest building in the city will offer you an unobstructed view of the city with the Olympian stadium, the river St. Lawrence, the Royal Mountain; it’s an absolute worthy of an addition to the bucket list.

The most exhilarating food scenes religiously followed in this beautiful city of North America, Montreal is full of hubs kneeling down to the love of Arctic Char, Kamouraska Lamb and fries dipped in gravy and cheese. You’ll pass through enticing pastry shops, pubs from the English men, glorious food markets and Jewish delis that will remind you of the lanes from Paris. Rub the lamps for the food genie inside you and book cheap business class flight tickets to Montreal with to barge into countless cafes for a laid-back afternoon, late night snacks and wonderful combinations of cuisines.

The vibrant nightlife of Montreal makes the French-inflected charm of the city all the better, with dynamic music scenes and craft cocktails, there are a number of after hour spots to go and have a good time in. You can spend time in bars with live music, hip hop parties, signature cocktails, sleek rooftops with a downtown view, good food and more. So avail best airfare deals on last minute flight to Montreal with us and check out a few nightlife Mecca’s that can be explored for a groundbreaking party scene;

-    Tokyo Bar

-    Le Newtown

-    Le Rouge Bar

-    Suite 701

-    Stereo

The best time to visit Montreal is in summers when the city offers warm temperatures and comes alive in full throttle. It is best to travel between the months of June and August. The majority of festivals are happening around this time and the chances of booking inexpensive deals on round trip flight to Montreal with are better to bag deals in your budget.

Airports in Montreal

Montreal Airport, formally named as Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport is serving the city of Montreal internationally and is 20km away from the main city. With being tagged as the third busiest airport in Canada it takes care of approximately 16 million passengers every year.

This airport handles one unique terminal with two floors divided into international and domestic areas that welcome a number of visitors who can use a number of transport options like buses, car rentals, trains, and taxis. There are a number of services available for the passengers who take their first class flights, business class flight, and premium economy flights or else from the airport like eating places, duty free shops, luggage services, exhibitions, post office, prayer area, smoking areas, nursing rooms, digital books, ATMs etc.   

Hotels in Montreal

The beautiful city of Montreal brings unrestrained love and feel of the most excellent aspects of both Europe and Canada, the cultural hub is filled with comfortable places to stay in if you are on a vacation. While you plan your vacation in this historically diverse city with non stop direct flights to Montreal at low airfare offered at, you will be at the fancy of living in beautifully designed architectural buildings. They are close to the airports, places to see, restaurants and more that offer budget-friendly and comfortable stay that suits all.  Here are a few options that can be explored;

  • Le Place d’Armes Hotel & Suites
  • Hotel Bonaparte
  • Marriott SpringHill Suites Old Montreal
  • St-Paul Hotel
  • Hotel Le St-James

Traveling Tips For Montreal

With a mix of young energy and the charms of the old world, Montreal is a popular destination for visitors of all kinds from around the world. There are a few things to be kept in mind before you hop on your plane and fly to this beauty;

-    The convenience stores in Montreal offer everything of everyday needs from cigarettes, cheap wine, to chocolates, milk, bread etc.

-    If you see a sign saying ‘5-a-7’ outside a restaurant or a bar, that means there is a happy hour going on, this is simply the local way of saying it.

-    Montreal swears by its festivals, a number of exciting events and activities keep taking place in this city and this also happens to be the reason for it being such a popular travel destination. You can grab cheapest one way flight tickets to Montreal around this time with and witness impromptu music sessions, open-air markets, various roadside acts and more.

-    When someone says they are taking ‘the metro’, they mean the subway, it does get confusing for a lot of people hailing from other places, but you’ll get a hang of it.

-    If you are a beer person, the Quebec beer is stronger than the usual beer, so chug accordingly.

Airlines Which Fly To Montreal

Best airline deals on first class flight to Montreal is available with a variety of carriers out of which a few are;

  • Air Canada
  • Delta Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Porter Airlines
  • United Airlines


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