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Cheap Flights to France (FR), Europe


France is a country with many past stories and famous ground-breaking incidents related to it. The turning pages of history have left the country as one of the top places visited and coveted by tourists. Travelers are indeed very much attracted towards the country not just because of its historical significance but also because of the infusion of romance with its natural aroma of sweetness and adventure.

The country has some of the best and marvelous buildings including the famous Eifel Tower. France has different geographical features in different corners of the country. Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany are the surrounding countries that share the boundary with France. Along with mountains and grasslands, France also has the advantage of gaining access to Atlantic marine life. Visiting France once is just impossible as with its huge tourist attractions, the country is sure to lure you back.

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Things to Do in France

  • Tourist Attractions
  • Going to France comes with an inevitable visit to the Eifel Tower. You can look down at the city spread out majestically below while enjoying mouth-watering snacks from the restaurant at the top.
  • Some of the best-kept artifacts, painting, and archaeological finds are kept at the Louvre Museum in France.
  • The Palace of Versailles is another breathtaking site for visit.
  • Enjoy the “Coast of Blue” and the sea air in Cote d’Azur.
  • Mont-Saint Michel is an acclaimed site for its mystical looks. If it is a low tide you can just walk to the islet but at the high tide, a ferry is the only transport. It is a small island with dominating Gothic architecture.
  • The Loire Valley Chateaux is fantasy place come true with meadows, fantastic castles rising out of the green, beautiful countryside, moats, and The whole area is listed as one of the heritage sites by UNESCO.
  • Provence is another scenic place with flowers, hilltops, and picnic spots.
  • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is a memorable sight with snow-filled mountains, trekking points, rock climbing, and a small but beautiful alpine village completes the beauty of the region.
  • Alsace Village, Brittany, Carcassonne, Biarritz, Rocamadour is landmark places in the country and are all a must-visit for any tourist traversing the country of France.
  • Lascaux is famed for the prehistoric cave paintings. The paintings are found in larger numbers and the whole place has been attracting travelers since been opened for public.
  • The marketplaces of France are full of trendy and fashionable wear and worth a visit anytime.


  • Must try Cuisines

All types of cuisines are available in France but the country has its own distinct cuisine with tastes that will linger with your taste buds forever. Such innovation in food and flavors is hardly found in any other country. Dishes such as Coquilles Saint- Jacques, Salade Lyonnais, Moules Marinieres, Coq Au Vin Jaune, Soupe a Loignon, Socca, Steak Tartare, Ratatouille, Confit de Canard are famous traditional French dishes. Among sweet dishes, you can find pastries, cream rolls and cakes. White wine is the most sought-after beverage in France because of its high quality. Choose your soothing sip from a range of shakes, juices, and alcoholic beverages.

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  • Nightlife

France is always full of life as the people here are full of energy and life even after working hard for the whole day. As the sun sets in west France rises up in lively chatter with music, the sound of clinking glasses, laughter and merry people dancing away and enjoying the night. Cities like Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Le Havre are frequented by party-goers at night.

  • Festivals

Fashion, art, culture, and history are all celebrated in the country in the form of various event and festivals. Some of the well-known festivals are Berck Sur Mer Kite Festival, Menton Lemmon Festival, Festival of Avignon, Bastille Day in Paris, Cannes Film Festival, Nice Carnival, Choregies d’ Orange, Festival Medieval de Sedan, Festival of Lights, La Fete de la Musique.  


France Airports

France is dotted with numerous airports for the good facilitation of both international and domestic passengers. Just choose the city you want to fly to and land there directly.

  • Charles de Gaulle Airport- This airport sees the maximum influx of passengers and is one of the busy and well known in the country situated in the city of Paris.
  • Orly Airport- Also another international airport in Paris, you can fly directly here as well.
  • Beauvais-Tille Airport- Mostly frequented by budget airlines, the airport is well furnished with all amenities for international travels. offers the best airline deals on a first-class flight to France.


France Hotels

There are numerous hotels in the country. You can choose the hotel you want to stay at depending upon the city of your visit or the nearby attractions you are planning to pay a visit to.

  • Hotel R de Paris- Fall in love with your stay in this modern hotel with budget yet awesome services and accommodation.
  • Yndohotel- If you have a plan to stay near the Golden Triangle then this is the perfect spot to nestle into. You can keep your dog and pets with you
  • Saint James Paris- Stay in a hotel that is more than 100 years old with exquisite rooms and service.
  • Hotel De Vigniamont- Among one of the luxurious hotels in Pezenas, this hotel has a lot of guests due to its facilities and friendly staff.


Traveling Tips to France

France has varied climatic conditions. From the bright and sunny beach weather to hot summers and plentiful rainfall to harsh cold chills during the winter – you can experience all of it.

  • France is open to tourists 365 days. The months of September to November and April to June are the most crowded for the best weather conditions.
  • While traveling to France, make sure to carry enough cash and keep a local helpline number handy.

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