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One of Planet earth’s seven continents, Europe is located between the Northern and Eastern Hemisphere. To the northern side is the Arctic Ocean and the Southern side has the Mediterranean Sea. The Atlantic Ocean is to the west side. The Separation from Asia is through the Ural Mountains and River, the Caspian and the Black Sea and the Caucasian mountains. The land area of Europe comprises 6.8% of the earth's overall landmass.

Historically, Europe is the birthplace of Western civilization much of it centered on early Greece and Rome. Many of the present-day technical inventions owe its origins to European studies in science and mechanics

The age of enlightenment brought in political and social changes including the growth of democracy. The Industrial Revolution began in Europe and transformed the employment scenario and the way of life of the vast majority of mankind.

After a lot of devastation in the two world wars, Europe has gone through a long uninterrupted period of calm and prosperity. The European Union (EU) was founded in 1973 and as of today has 28 member states with a common market system and a single currency.

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Things to do in Europe

  • Tourist attractions

Every country in Europe reflects a beautiful blend of both ancient and modernity. There are also places of exquisite natural beauty and tourists must visit famous landmarks like-

  • Eiffel Tower in Paris, France– A majestic heightened tower made of iron-lattice located in Champ de Mars in the French capital Paris.
  • Alps Mountains – They are snow-clad mountains spread over 1200 kilometers and across eight European countries. It is the highest and the most extensive mountain ranges in the world. The sights are admired for their sheer beauty.
  • Buckingham Palace, London – The residence and headquarters of the British Monarchy known for its massive construction, the garden, and other placements.
  • St Peter’s Basilica, Italy – It is an Italian Renaissance Church located in the Vatican which holds a unique position in the Christian world as one of the greatest Churches.
  • Park Guell, Spain– Located in the Spanish city of Barcelona composed of multiple gardens and architectonic elements.
  • Acropolis of Athens, Greece – This s a 5th century BC temple on the top of Athens Rocky hilltop.
  • Big Ben, London - A gigantic clock placed on the north end of the Palace of Westminster which is the meeting place of the House of Lords and Commons. The length of the tower is 315 feet.
  • Red Square Moscow, Russia – The main central square of the Russian capital where the government seat Kremlin is located and includes the Lenin Mausoleum and St Basil’s Cathedral.
  • Grand Bazar Istanbul, Turkey – Located in the Turkish capital, it is one of the largest and oldest markets in the world spanning over 61 streets and more than 4000 shops.
  • Prague Castle, Czech Republic – An ancient castle in the Czech capital dating back to the 9th century and spread over 7,50,000 square feet. It is one of the oldest castles in the world.
  • East Side Gallery, Germany – An open-air gallery in the German capital Berlin which has Mural paintings depicted on remains of the Berlin wall.
  • Tivoli Gardens, Denmark – A theme park family pleasure garden in Copenhagen which has virtually every visitor to Europe flocking to see it.

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  • Must try cuisines

Famous European cuisines include Italian pasta and Pizza, the Hungarian Goulash, Cheese Fondue of Switzerland, Moussaka of Greece, Turkish Kebabs, Pierogi in Poland, Waffles of Belgium, Palatschinken in Austria, Currywurst in Germany, Potica nut roll snack of Slovenia, Kotbuller meatballs of Sweden, the Haggis of Scotland and some typical country ham and authentic bread pudding of Great Britain. 

  • Nightlife

Every capital and city of Europe is famous for its nightlife fun, cocktails, pool games and movies. Some of the top partying destination cities include Ibiza and Barcelona in Spain with its dance culture, the German capital Berlin for serious and quite fun, the British capital London for its multi-ethnic environment afterlife, the small but active Iceland capital of Rekiavic has entire street lined up for whole night shopping and cocktails, The Italian capital Rome and Holland, of course, to top off with. 

  • Festivals

With a plethora of events and festivals specific to each country, the list is endless. Some cannot-be-missed events include the Canne film festival, the Carnival of Venice where almost 3 million people attend, St Patrick's day Ireland, the Maslenitsa multiple cultural events of Ukraine, Glastonbury music event of Scotland, Edinburg Festival Fringe, San Fermin in Spain which includes the Bullfighting and German beer festival. 


Europe Airports

Some of the world-famous airports of Europe Include the Heathrow Airport of London, Charles De Gaulle Airport in France, Munich airport in Germany, Frankfurt airport in Germany, Gatwick Airport in Sussex UK, Amsterdam Airport, Barcelona El Prat, Copenhagen airport. There are 4 airports in Moscow, Russia. offers the best airline deals on first-class flight to Europe.


Hotels in Europe

Going by bookings and customer reviews, some of Europe’s top hotels are the AbadiaRetuerta in Spain, Das Strue in Berlin, Beau-Rivage Palace in Switzerland, Fairmont Hotel in Hamburg, FincaCortesen Malaga in Spain, Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo, AbadiaRetuerta in Spain, The Hilton in London, and The Baur Au Launch in Zurich.


Traveling Tips to Europe

The different countries of Europe have varied climate. The west European countries have long winters and short summers. The climate in East Europe can have extremely cold and bitter winters while Mediterranean countries have long dry summers and cool winters.

The booking should be done according to the area and the country. It would be always better to visit the Alps in the winter season and the Tivoli gardens during the summer.

Visits can also be planned according to any special event or festival like the Venice Carnival or the Cannes film festival. And if you wish to make the most of your trip without going overboard with expenses, the book cheap flights to Europe, from


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