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Cheap Flights to Italy (IT), Europe




Italy is best known for its charming people and irresistible foods and of course beautiful architecture. It has preserved the diverse scenery along with unparalleled art.


This place is filled with possibilities which can make you feel overwhelmed. Italy is one of the tops draws in everyone's travel list because this place will drench you with its romantic sites along with mouth-watering foods.


Italy lies in the southern part of Europe and it comprises of the boot-shaped Italian peninsula with the Alps on the southern part and large plane of Po valley with few islands named Sadana and  Sicily. The capital of Italy is Rome and it is also Italy's political center. This Mediterranean country has a Mediterranean climate and is capturing the history of Rome in itself.


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Things to do in Italy


  • Tourist Attractions


  • The Colosseum is the most traveled places when you are in Italy. This large amphitheater was built by the Roman empire. This venue will remind you of the ancient time along with the rich extensive history which this place holds. You can also visit Vatican City as it is considered to be the home of several art collections which is priceless.
  • The Gondola ride through Venice is an old tradition which every tourist is enjoying for several centuries. To view the coastal region along with steep cliffs and hills one can visit Cinque Terre. You can find a lot of the tourist crowd who are in Venice in St. Mark's Basilica.
  • And don’t miss the famous Leaning Tower Of Pisa and of course Lake Como.
  • Blue Grotto is a place which is most visited because taking boat rides from Sorrento, Naples or Amalfi Coast will help you to enjoy the Bluewater of this place along with the tropical plants and pine trees. The Blue Grotto is one of the most visited spots in all Italy, but there are other reasons for taking the short boat ride from Naples, Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast to the fabled Isle of Capri.


  • Must try cuisines


The Italian food is satisfying and bold and it's not heavy. It has a rich texture and it uses different types of flavors. So Italian food is not just about spaghetti and pizzas. So all the basic Italian dishes and foods include the assorted appetizer like antipasti misti along with different types of flavored pasta, pizza, soups, risotto, fish and meat dishes. With a finite amount of space in your stomach, you can only have a finite count of foods. Bottarga is Lasagna are the must-haves.


  • Nightlife


In Italy, the nightlife is extremely different when it comes to culture. The day tour is best for tourists and families who want to enjoy the beautiful art, great food and have some innocent fun. This place encounters unique experience during the night time which no other city can ever compete. The nightlife and club experiences are for singles who want to enjoy the good time.


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  • Festivals


Italy is very popular for its food and the beautiful festivals for which the tourist from different places visit this place. In order to taste the real essence of Italian traditions and culture, one needs to enjoy the festivals of this place. Italian festivals have different categories starting from Italian culture, food, wine, tradition, music, sports, religion, and art.



Italy Airports


Traveling to Italy is very easy because there are several airports that will help you to reach different corners of this place.


  • Rome Airport Fiumicino: This is the largest airport which you can find in Italy and is also considered to be the most preferred hub. This airport is near to Western Rome near the Mediterranean coast and Fiumicino city. One can easily get into the center of the place from the Da Vinci airport.


  • Milan Malpensa Airport: Towards the Northwest, you can find the Milan region where this airport resides. It is very easy to access this airport from the center of the city and it also connects to several small towns. It also offers inexpensive deals on the round-trip flight to Italy when you book from


  • Venice Airport: When you are visiting Italy then you can visit this airport which is located on the northern side of this town. It will take only 30 minutes from the airport to get into Venice. Whenever you are visiting Padua, Adriatic coast and Vicenza then you will have to fly through the airport of Venice.



Italy Hotels


You will find an abundance of hotel options when in Italy. However, in order to get reservations, it is better to book the hotels in advance before 6 months.  


  • Hotel Belvedere: In order to enjoy the hillside of this magnification place you can stay at Hotel Belvedere. The place is shaded with olive trees and provides a wonderful view of Lecco arm. You can get standard rooms along with basic and modern amenities.


  • Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni:  This place will provide the tourist with a beautiful garden and a wonderful view of the lake. The interior of the place creates an atmosphere of the 19th century. You can taste the traditional dishes of Italy here.


  • Lefay Resort and Spa: This resort has orange trees and beautiful lakefront lining. All the rooms have Italian furnishing with olive and walnut flooring. You will get to enjoy the beautiful spas both outdoor and indoor heated with the saltwater, infinity pools, five saunas, and massage rooms.



Traveling tips to Italy


If you want to enjoy the beauty of Italy then the best time for a visit is from April to May and then from mid-September to mid-October. You can enjoy the pleasant weather and it is not the peak season for tourist which will lessen the crowd.


If you have a finite amount of time in your hands then you can skip visiting the Dolomites as they will be out of your way. One can view several hill towns as they are very easy to go with the help of public transportation.


The speed of life in Italy is quite slower than you might have thought of. But you will easily sync with the rhythm of the exceptional country. The public transportation makes this place also affordable for many tourists. So without much delay book a discounted flight to Italy today from


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