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Cheap Flights To Istanbul (IST), Turkey

Istanbul has been successfully straddling between the ancient and the modern world. It is the only city in the world that is a part of both Asia and Europe. The best way to ingest this city is to wander unscheduled between museums and historical sites.

Rise early and experience the beautiful sunrise and the world-renowned Turkish breakfast and ride as many ferries as you can. These ferries will not just take you from one place to another; you will also enjoy sightseeing, eateries, entertainment and more. You can book a discounted flight to Istanbul with and experience ecstatic domes, minarets, medieval towers, and office buildings looming over low-rise residential structures.   

Things to do in Istanbul

This city is full of intricate stonework, stunning mosaics, and dazzling painted tiles. There are vaulted ceilings of a number of museums, mosques, and the ancient cistern that are supremely popular among the tourists. There are a lot of other things that can also be added to your to do list like taking a walking tour or diving right into the Grand Bazaar for some unconventional fun. Here are a few things that you can strike off your list if you have limited time at hands;

-    Kilic Ali Pasa Hamami- if you are visiting Istanbul this is one thing you should experience for sure. And it will be all the more beautiful if this experience can be shared with 16th-century bathhouse architecture.

-    Istanbul modern art museum- a number of temporary and permanent exhibitions takes place in this 86,000-square-foot former factory building with a number of libraries, cinema, galleries etc.

-    Sultanahmet- In the old city of Istanbul, do dedicate an entire morning in this beautiful historically rich architecture. But make sure that it will shut down 30 or 45 minutes prior to the prayer time, so plan your visit accordingly.

-    The city wall- spread on a stretch of 2.5 miles, this fortification has withstood all kinds of battles and earthquakes. It is full of beautiful green gardens, monasteries, churches, and neighborhoods.

-    Zoe Yacht Cruises- Bosporus can be explored in all ways but the best way is to go around the area on a yacht. You can also enjoy meals and drinks on request. 

The dining scene in Istanbul is so vast that the travelers may be bound to spend around a week here just to make sure that they have experienced the cuisine of all the best restaurants. At fancy places like Mikla and Nicole, Turkish chefs are putting to use the country’s best components to turn out contemporary fare. For now, the classic joints like Kofteci Arnavut (grilled kofte) and Halil (crispy lahmacun) remain the favorites of the crowds.

A few years ago the drinking scene in Istanbul meant only downing raki and water at a meyhane or wash down Efes beer at a cut back bar. But the present scenario has changed and wow the city is popularly boasting cocktail bars that vary from sleek (Efendi) to neighborhood (Geyik), in addition to cultish hole-in-the-walls (Alex’s Place), places with welcoming regulars (Barba), and also breweries, like the Populist. So grab the best round trip flights to Istanbul with us and enjoy the live music and dancing, Istanbul’s first nightclub, Babylon, that remains a must go, and while you are at it here are a few bars that you can check out;

  • Alex's Place
  • Babylon
  • Efendi
  • The Populist
  • Unter Karakoy

The most popular time to visit this city is summers given travelers love the tan they get; also the city experiences the maximum visitors around this time. You can grab great deals on plane tickets to turkey Istanbul with around this time.  But if you aren’t a people person and want to visit this historically and artistically rich city, try the springs. The prices of hotels drop dramatically and you can be at peace with far fewer people around you.

Airports in Istanbul

Istanbul has two airports standing tall namely Sabiha Gokcen International Airport and Istanbul Ataturk International Airport.

Istanbul International Airport is 15 miles west of Istanbul and has 2 terminals. The architecture of the airport building is unique and is full of intricate mosaic tiling. The terminals are at a walking distance from each other. You will also find trains, buses, and taxis to travel to and from the airport and around the city. You will find cheap flight ticket deals to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines with

Sabiha Gokcen International Airport is located 7 miles north of the Pendik and 28 miles east of the European center of Istanbul. It has two terminals and this one is named after the world’s first combat female pilot. At this airport, you will popularly find one way international flights to Istanbul since the airport witnesses around 25 million travelers every year and a lot of them never leave.  

The services to keep the travelers engaged between their first class flights, business class flights, premium economy flights and other flights are common between both the airports. There are ATMs, money exchange counters, luggage services, business, and conference rooms, play area, spa, shower, prayer room, hair salon, duty free shops, shopping areas, prayer rooms, gym, Jacuzzi, plug points and free Wi-Fi.

Hotels in Istanbul

There is a great variety of hotel options in this city, from international brands like Four Seasons and Raffles to Turkey-based, designer boutique groups like the House. Istanbul has an enormous assortment of hotel options available for its visitors. So if you are seeking a lifestyle of a modern-day sultan, Book a wealthy suite at Les Ottomans, a short-term home to celebrities and dignitaries. Smaller properties in lesser-known neighborhoods present additional vigilant luxury. You can also tour the customized packages of non stop direct flights to Istanbul and hotels with for best deals.  Here are a few hotels that you can add to your bucket if you are looking to stay in the lap of comfort and luxury;

- Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus

- Hotel Les Ottomans

- House Hotel Bosphorus

- Occidental The Public

- Vault Karakoy, The House Hotel

Traveling Tips for Istanbul

There is so much to explore in this city in terms of cuisine that you may end up overeating, so hog only as much as you can digest. Don’t just concentrate on wandering in the conventional attractions, try going off beat. Explore the culture that is often misunderstood, give it time and gain as much knowledge as you can about it. There are a number of last minute flights that you can avail with if you have planned an instant Vacation to this Turkish heaven.  

Airlines Which Fly To Istanbul

There are a few carriers that offer low cost airfare on flights to Istanbul, these include;


Turkish Airlines

Ukraine international

Qatar Airways

Etihad Airways


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