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Cheap Flights To Madrid (MAD), Spain

The Capital of Spain, Madrid is the golden metropolis where there is modern infrastructure, the capital with the status of an economic, financial, and administrative and service centre, which has a large cultural and artistic heritage carrying a legacy of centuries of exciting history

Madrid is a city which is full of life, teaching the world how to live. It is an artistic city where there are beautiful paintings and grand architecture, a city carrying youthful vibe and energy and the home country of the most famous football club in the world.

Visit Madrid find lowest airfare on round trip flights to Madrid Spain via Vaccation Travel and have an experience of la Espanola (the Spanish).

Things to do in Madrid

When we talk about Spain, Madrid is the first name that comes to people’s mind, where billion of stories you can create. There and many popular attractions in Madrid to explore, visit Madrid find lowest airfare on round trip flights to Madrid Spain via Vaccation Travel and create your own story.

  • Visit Plaza Mayor which is a vibrant place which has numerous cafes and restaurants and checkout the Phillip statue in the centre.
  • Watch the world class art collection at Museo Nacional Del Prado
  • Experience the residence of Spanish Royal Family visit Royal Palace of Madrid.
  • Go to Parque del Buen Retiro in the afternoon which is the largest park where there are beautiful fountains and boating facility available and rose garden.
  • Visit Plaza de Cibeles quare is a neo-classical complex of marble sculptures that has fountains and is an iconic symbol for the city of Madrid.
  • Go to Almudena Cathedral which is a Baroque Catholic cathedral known for its colorful chapels, Romanesque crypt & museum.

Spanish food has had constant evolution which is rooted with tradition leaving magnetic effect; it is a fusion of various regions of Spain which was developed throughout. People in Spain loves to eat and have long lunches and dinners filled with conversations, there are certain authentic delicacies and signature dishes in Spain you must try these on your visit to Madrid.

  • Chocolate con churros
  • Pincho de Tortilla
  • Cocido Madrileño
  • Bocadillo de Calamares
  • Manchego cheese

Madrid Never Sleep and the city have got one of the liveliest clubs providing glamorous nightlife, pubs and clubs in the world.It is divided into 6 districts where you can party like crazy; these are the list of some of the prominent and popular nightclubs you can visit while you are in Madrid and party hard.

  • Fabrik – Spanish techno temple
  • Sala Pirandello – Most open-minded club
  • Opium Madrid – Most exclusive club in town
  • La Riviera – Concerts, electronic music and more
  • Goya Social Club – Deep and techno house in Madrid


All throughout the year Madrid is buzzing with people, spring (March- May) and fall (September- November) is the best season to visit the city when there is pleasant weather in Madrid and fewer crowds. Find cheapest plane tickets to Madrid Spain with Vaccation Travel and attend festivals like Madrid Marathon, Feria Del Libro and Autumn Festival and mesmerize yourself in the beauty of Madrid.

Airport in Madrid

Adolfo Suarez Madrid- Barajas Airport commonly known as Madrid Barajas Airport is the main international Airport, which is 6 miles to the city’s financial district. The airport serves as a very important link within Europe and the World. It is the largest airport in Europe area wise with facility of first class flights, buisness class flights and premiun economy flights.

Madrid International Airport has 5 passenger terminals, named as Terminal 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4s. The Terminal 1 serves International Flights, Terminal 2 is the oldest terminal and Terminal 4 & 4s are the biggest terminal serving both Domestic and International Flights.

At the Madrid Airport for the comfort of the passengers in between their flight layover and for the before flight waiting in the airport there are multiple services and facilities available for the benefit of passengers. These are:

  • ATM and Currency Exchange.
  • Kindergarten.
  • Photocopies and Printing Document Stations.
  • Petrol Stations.
  • Medical Services- Wheelchair Assistance for old and disabled, Pharmacy.
  • Phone Cards.
  • Press Office.
  • Prayer Rooms and Chapel.
  • Meeting Rooms

To avoid queues and airport traffic, use premium VIP lounges and Premium Air rooms, people with families and kids can use nursery and playground facility and keep their kids entertained.  There is also lost and found counter present in the airport in case someone loses their valuable item you can contact the counter. Get non stop direct flights to Madrid and avail all the services and facilities.

For smoother and efficient travel of visitors for to and from airport and travel across the city there are multiple options available for them these are:

  • Metro- Use the metro for faster and cheaper travel, In Madrid there are two metro lines.
  • Train
  • Car Rentals- Checkout Madrid all by yourself, car rental option are the best and most convenient option.
  • Bus- Buses are available in plenty outside the Madrid Airport; there are three major services which connect the buses from airport to Madrid city centre.
  • Taxi- The price of the ride is indicated in the taxi meter, Taxis are a good and faster way of commute.

Hotels in Madrid

Accommodation in Madrid is pocket friendly, here are best hotels for you which let you experience comfort and you can stay in style on your vacation to Madrid..

  • The Hat Madrid
  • Room Mate Alicia
  • Exe Plaza
  • Ayre Gran Hotel Colón
  • Hotel ibis Madrid Alcorcon Tresaguas

Travelling Tips For Madrid

  • Carry your high SPV sunscreen as Madrid is the sunniest capital which has 300 days of sunshine in a year. So save your skin from sun burn.
  • Don’t wait to book last minute flights, plan your trip in prior and book a discounted flight to Madrid.
  • Madrid is a pocket friendly place where there are cheap accommodation available and affordable restaurants. Use public transports to travel and avoid delays, as it is a fast and convenient way one can move across the Madrid city.
  • Brush up your Spanish, learn some few basic words and carry Spanish dictionary along, locals there speak and prefer to Spanish and their local languages more than English.
  • Activities in Madrid goes at halt during the afternoon, shops get closed, do things in prior if there is something you need to buy as the shops get closed, take a nap afterwards catch up with your pending things.

Airlines Which Fly To Madrid

Get cheap flights to Madrid, with these carriers:

  • United
  • Air France
  • Air Europe
  • American
  • Delta


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