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Cheap Flights to Delaware (DE)

Located on the northern part of the USA, near the coast of Atlantic Ocean, lies the tiny state of Delaware. It is the second smallest and 6th least populous state in America. The state has three counties and mostly agriculture becomes the main motive of income. But with recent times industrialization has crept in. The capital of this state is Dover whereas the largest city of the state in Wilmington.

The city ranks 49th in cases of area and 45th in cases of the population. A total of 9.5 lakh people live here. It has many nicknames like Diamond State, Small wonder etc.

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Things to do in Delaware

  • Tourist Attractions
  • Located on the shore of Atlantic Ocean, the Rehobeth and Delaware beaches area major attraction for tourists visiting Delaware. People are most likely to be here and chill out or sunbathe. This beach stretches over 28 miles and has a space for everyone. There are many small beaches situated amidst this space.
  • Situated in the city of Wilmington, the Delaware Art Museum is a must choice for all the art lovers. Be it paintings, sketches, sculptures etc it all has been preserved in the art museum. The variety of art varies from the pre-Renaissance era to the new age generation. The huge contrasting change in the art can easily be witnessed. There exists a vast variety of art. This museum also has an open garden filled with great sculptures which are as long as 13ft high. You’ll very easily spot works of all the famous artists not just in America but all over the world.
  • The capital city of Dover has this hidden gem which proves out to be a complete spot for airplane lovers. The Air Mobility Command Museum has the most varied and valuable collection of aircraft. It consists of aircraft mostly used during the war. Be it a fighter plane or one of the first ever, this museum has it all. It’ll also pack you up with information about how and what led to the invention of that specific aircraft. Witnessing those old pieces of history is truly a sight to behold.


  • Must try Cuisines

Being located along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, the perks of experiencing seafood is immense. People in Delaware aren’t very particular about food and wholeheartedly accept anyone’s cuisine as long as it is tasty. Taking for example Pizza. All throughout Delaware, you will see pizza joints and these joints are operated by American, from which you can expect some American touch. Apart from this, crab is their favorite meal. All preparation related to crab. From fried crab to crab dips, locals of Delaware know how to cherish it all. They also specifically have a special love towards the sweet dishes and have that in abundance. Obviously ice cream tops the list but apart from this, soft pretzels, peach pie, fried Oreos are some of the special featured sweet dishes. Leaving aside all of this specialty is the commonly found American favorite food. Be sandwiches, original burgers, BBQ meat, pork ribs or French fries in some cheesy dips. The authenticity of this is maintained.

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  • Nightlife

When in Delaware understand, there’s something for everyone. Similarly, Delaware keeps up its reputation to have various and different kinds of pubs and bars which are sure to get you excited. Bars like Bubba’s, Fire and Ice and The Nomad Bar has special significance for being ideal to grove into throughout the night. They remain open till late night allowing more people to access. Comegy’s Pub, Kelly’s Logan House are amongst those famous places to chill out with softer music. The crowd here likes to chat over a glass of beer. You can visit this place during the happy hours too. Apart from these pubs like Bottle and Cork and The Starboard are a few beach side places offering crazy fun all throughout the night.

  • Festivals

As diverse as this place actually is, so is its culture and cultural activities. The year begins with the Dover Day Festival, which happens in the capital city. It’s a 3 day long festival with parades and marching. The capital city also witnesses the Firefly Music Festival where more than 100 eminent rock bands come and perform. Then comes the Delaware State Fair, with everything gorgeous. It has stalled for food, items, activities etc. It also has the Beach Sandcastle Contest, where people irrespective of age and take part. It happens on the beach itself and is a sight to behold for everyone. Oktoberfest is an event extraordinarily famous throughout the world and Delaware doesn’t lack behind. A day filled with lots and lots of beer, good food,and the amazing crowd is s sure shot win.


Delaware Airports

  • Wilmington Airport –This airport is located in the New Castle County which is approximately 8 miles away from the main city of Wilmington. This airport is one of the most important airports and it serves a total of 53000 passengers annually with about 50000 airplanes operating every year.


  • Delaware Coastal AirportLocated in the Sussex County, this airport is situated about 6 miles south from the main city of Georgetown. It is mainly operated by the civilians. It has a passenger strength of 90000 people annually and 26000 aircraft strength.


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Delaware Hotels

Out of the huge variety of hotel to select from, it can difficult as in what to choose. Here’s your guide through –

  • Boardwalk Plaza Hotel – Overlooking the Rehobeth Beach this hotel is a must stay. Its Victorian interiors along big rooms, soft bed, free Wi-Fi, spa, swimming pool is sure to be add-ons to your list of comfort.


  • Holiday Inn – This hotel situated in the city of Harington is packed with amenities. Swimming pool, spa, gym, garden, free breakfast etc are a few that would sure to grab your attention.


Traveling Tips to Delaware

Summer in Delaware is pretty hot and humid, with sunburns reportedly very commonly. On the other hand, winter here is very mild and pleasant due to the influence of the sea. For tourists, the ideal time to visit will, therefore, be in the winter itself.

If you happen to visit Delaware during summer, do make sure to carry a sunscreen positively while visiting the seaside.

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