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Cheap Flights To Geneva (GVA), Switzerland

Geneva is popularly known around the world for its landscapes and melting pot of cultures. This place is a rare catch; it is slick, cosmopolitan and mostly treated as the Swiss Capital though it’s not.

On the streets paved by gold here, you will find people conversing in every possible language. The second largest city in Switzerland has the most fascinating architecture made by people and artists of the city. These artists come from one of the best international schools and collaborate with the denizens and drifters to chalk out this beauty.

Book a discounted flight to Geneva today with and witness the counterculture of this city dwelling in Les Grottes with post-industrial Rhone where the bars are bustling with energy and attitude. There also are boutiques, restaurants, luxury hotels, and chocolatiers.

Things to do in Geneva

Geneva is a gorgeous city full of mountains, chocolate, and a lot of incredible history. If you are looking to begin an adventure in the Alps this is the perfect city for it. You will experience an enriching and pure stay here with a range of activities and attractions to explore. For starters here are a few of the best ones;

-    St. Pierre Cathedral- one of the best ways to witness this city s to climb the towers here and ingest the epic views of the Lake Geneva.

-    Paraglide- if outdoor adventures have given you the rush this is the thing for you. Go paragliding from the Mont Saleve to pump up your blood and experience flying from one country to another in a snap of a finger.

-    Lake Geneva- this is a very special place for the city for its clean waters and amazing scenery. It is the perfect place to go paddle boarding in the summer months. So grab cheapest one way flight tickets to Geneva with and experience a healthy sip of zest.

-    Sunset at Tropical Corner- next hop to this place after your paddle boarding experience and it will be the perfect end to your day. With hip surroundings and live DJ, his place happens to be the favorite of locals.

-    Italian Quarter- this is the best place for all your social media photographs. Influenced by a long history of Italian and Sardinian residents, it’s a pretty little space for an evening stroll with a nice hot coffee.

Geneva takes its food pretty seriously and has successfully been the undisputed food capital of Switzerland. The locals like to savor the specialties like lake fish dishes, raclette, fondue, smoked sausages and a range of casseroles. This city offers its tourists the luxury to try all kinds of cuisines from around the world. Though most of the eating spots reflect luxury and refined gourmet cuisine, you will find a number of places offering a relaxed café culture with decent prices as well.

Regardless of what you do and who are you, a tourist, a banker, an engineer, a watchmaker or else, after a long day of work you will take a break. With a reputation of a posh city with a sincere work culture, it all comes down to a beer or two at the local bars, clubs, and restaurants. The nightlife culture of this city is so pumped that you will hardly find a place in clubs; the best way is to get a reservation done prior. Get inexpensive deals on a round-trip flight to Geneva with us and try some homemade cocktails at the following places;

  • La rue de l'école de médecine
  • Place de l'Ile
  • Carouge
  • Au ROI ubu
  • La clémence

The best time to catch non stop direct flights to Geneva at low airfare with is the summer months. In the months of July and August you can enjoy the weather and the attractions by the lakeside. Spring and autumn months are comparatively less in temperature and the tourists also do not fly much around this time. Hence the possibility of grabbing discounted packages for hotels and flights is far high. A fairly high number of events take place in winters, so again tourists clam up in this season as well.

Airport in Geneva

Zurich Airport is also known as Kluton airport is situated 8 miles north of Zurich and the closest one to Geneva. This airport is easily accessible by a number of transport options from Zurich, Geneva and other areas of Switzerland.

Travelers who have time on their hand between their business class flights, premium economy flights, first class flights or other flights can do a number of things to keep them busy at the airport. There are several shopping opportunities to explore that range from a selection of souvenirs, Swiss chocolates, watches etc.  There also is an amazing range of eating joints, bars, lounges and more.

There are two terminals at the airport that are well connected to each other; the travel time is almost negligible because of the insignificant distance they are located at. Traveling to and from the airport to the main city is pretty easy as well by the train and the shuttle system available for the passengers. Passengers can also available the services of taxis, buses, tram, and train to get around the town easily.

Hotels in Geneva

Geneva is the kind of place that knows how to pamper its travelers and it caters to the highest levels of taste with the lowest levels of budget. There is a range of hotels in the main city that go from luxury five stars to hostels and from vacation homes to resorts. If you haven’t already then it is best to do your booking within the customized packages of best airfare deals on last minute flight to Geneva and hotels with Given that the hotels here fill up pretty quickly especially in summers and holiday seasons. Here are a few places that you can consider for a comfortable stay;

  • Eden Hotel Geneva
  • Hotel de Geneve
  • Grand Hotel Kempinski
  • Hotel Cornavin
  • Hotel Les Armures Geneva

Travel Tips for Geneva

If you have planned your vacation in Geneva there are a number of things that will make your trip pretty easy, so take down a few tips;

-    Buy a pass for the number of days you are staying here to make your travel around the city easy.

-     Grab cheap business class flight tickets to Geneva and take your special someone on a romantic ride between the swans in the lake. For a romantic getaway, there is no better place.

-    Buy a Geneva pass; it will help you get discounts and free entry to a lot of museums, attractions, galleries, and sights. 

Airlines Which Fly To Geneva

Best airline deals on first class flight to Geneva is with the following carriers;

  • Aeroflot
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Norwegian Air UK
  • Turkish Airlines
  • LOT Airlines
  • United


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