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Cheap Flights To Copenhagen (CPH), Denmark

Copenhagen is popular around the world for its architecture, art décor, food, fashion, excellent taste in design and furniture.

In the last few years, Copenhagen has seen a rise in the culture of bars, shops, eateries, and overall lifestyle. There is magnificent architectural beauty, boosting the spirit of the city. From brick buildings to royal castles and pretty canals, the cultural heritage is extremely rich. Spending a few nights here would not be enough; it has a lot more on offer to ingest.

There is plenty of charm here with Scandinavian and Nordic cuisine for a surprisingly delicious delight.  So book a discounted flight to Copenhagen today with and land in the city of prim houses lay beautifully in one line of neat cobblestoned streets.

Things to do in Copenhagen

With the number of things that this city has on offer, you can divide your activities into two. One that you can do in summers and the other that can be done in winters, now it completely depends on when are you planning to fly to this city. If you are in Copenhagen in summers get out, soak every bit of sunlight and go kayaking. But if you are here in autumn or winters, stay in and cozy up, get out only for exploring the art and culture of the city. Get best airline deals on first class flight to Copenhagen with and check out these stunningly beautiful places;

-    Christiania- this town was made by a few hippies around a military area in the heart of Copenhagen. This bustling area is full of bars, souvenir shops, vegetarian eating spots and more.

-    Copenhagen Boat Rent- this is harbor city that won’t look even as close to amazing as it does from a boat. All you need to do is rent a motorboat and voila, you’ll be sailing around the gorgeous houseboats in no time.

-    Islands Brygge Harbor Bath- this place is one of the most popular spots of hanging out because of it five pools, three diving poles, and a massive sunbathing space. You will find a number of locals and tourists chilling here with portable grills, music, wine etc.

-    Kastrup Sobad- here you can enjoy architecture and nature at once on this busy artificial island. This wooden deck in a circular form is a delight of architecture with deep sea and diving boards it is popular among the swimmers.

-    The tower, Christiansborg Palace- for a breathtaking and unique view visit this 106 meters tall tower located in the very center of the city of Copenhagen.

Regardless of what you are looking for seasonal cocktails, craft beer, or some wine you will find a bar ready among the bustling nightlife of Copenhagen. There are carefully crafted drinks made at a number of bars by award-winning bartenders. They used some of the finest spirits and homemade liquors. To try the revolutionized scene of wine bars and the international bar empires tap these places;

  • Curfew
  • Duck and Cover
  • Dyrehaven
  • Gaarden & Gaden
  • Holmens Kanal

Foodies from all around the world have been crowding the place ever since Noma was tagged as the best restaurant in the world. Another dominating trend taking over the country among the places to eat is the Baby Boom. There are a lot of Michelin restaurants that have opened their branches that serve delicious food that is less expensive, less strict and less unbending. You will find a number of surprisingly economical options serving more relaxed and street friendly food like AOC’s No. 2, Kadeau’s, Uformel etc. the influence of Latin American food can also be noticed in the food craze of locals, so if you want to try some mouth-watering cuisine from the popular French and Italian eateries grab cheapest one way flight tickets to Copenhagen and ingest all the goodness in you.

The best season to book inexpensive deals on round trip flight to Copenhagen with is summers. The days are long and comparatively warmer in June, July, and August when the cafes outside are crowded with tourists and locals. But there are a lot of people who plan their travel around Christmas to enjoy the festive feel of the country. The time moving towards Christmas is magical while the city starts o look like a kingdom. Everything from the streets, canals, trees to castles is covered in a layer of snow.

Airport in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Airport is located 5 miles southeast of Copenhagen. It is the busiest airport offering services to the Nordic destinations around the world and is the biggest airport in Scandinavia.

The main operations at the airport are handled by the Scandinavian Airport System. It also serves as the major hub for Norwegian shuttle, Cimber Sterling, and Thomas Cook airlines. This airport welcomes more than 21 million passengers each year. There are three terminals that stay connected by a transit bus that leaves on fixed intervals. Transport from the airport is available in form of taxis, buses, metro, and trains to make travel easy for tourists and locals both.

There are information desks installed at terminal 1 and 3 for the passengers to collect information regarding the airport or the flights like premium economy flights, business class flights, first class flights and more. This airport boasts of remarkably efficient and calm amenities for the travelers. This airport has been for years bagging the title of the best airport in Europe by a number of world best magazines.

Hotels in Copenhagen

Copenhagen offers its travelers a modern and sleek experience in terms of hotels. If you have been contemplating where you are going to book your stay in this country, you will be at a disposal of plenty. You will find the dominance of Scandinavian décor at a lot of hotel properties around the town like STAY Copenhagen has been taking the accommodation life to extremes. But still shining through is the royal past of the country offering services and amenities that will make you feel like a royal. Book non stop direct flights to Copenhagen at low airfare with and explore a number of intimate options like;

  • 71 Nyhavn Hotel
  • Andersen Hotel
  • CPH Living
  • STAY Copenhagen

Travel Tips For Copenhagen

If you have planned your travel to this city, make a few notes before your touch down;

-    The best way to travel around this city is by using public transport. There are trains that leave every 10 minutes, you can take metro or buses s well. This place is also absolutely accessible by foot; it’ll be all the more fun.

-    If you are in Copenhagen make sure you buy some delectable Danish sweets. Also, try the local cuisine and for the best food, you can try the north city neighborhood Norrebro.

-    Before you plan to visit some attraction, do check the timings of it. Like in winters there are a lot of places that may shut down at 2 pm.

-    Book best airfare deals on last minute flight to Copenhagen and takes a train directly from the airport to the city from terminal 3.

Airlines Which Fly To Copenhagen

Cheap business class flight tickets to Copenhagen is available with the following carriers;

  • WOW Air
  • Icelandair
  • Norwegian Air
  • LOT Airlines
  • SOS Airlines
  • Lufthansa Airlines